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Many applications of Reinforcement Learning (RL) are specifically aimed at taking the human out of the loop. OpenAI Gym [1], for example, provides a framework for training RL models to act as the player in Atari games, and numerous publications describe using RL for robotics. However, one commonly under-discussed area is applying RL methods to improve a human’s subjective experience.

In order to demonstrate one such application of this, I have developed a simple game called “Trials of the Forbidden Ice Palace” [2]. …

Hands-on Tutorials

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The digital age provides easy access to bountiful amounts of open sourced data and a wealth of information like never before. This is a potential gold mine for Data Teams to emerge and convert raw data into insights, which adds significant value for an organization.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of data science reads get caught up in and overemphasize the machine learning aspect of Data Science and neglect the core practice of the field — data exploration and manipulation.

As a result, many aspiring Data Scientists enter the industry with knowledge and expectations of machine learning work, but significantly lack…

Matt Gray

PhD in Electrical Engineering, experienced Data Scientist, and long term tinkerer. Consultant for data driven decision making and AI adoption.

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